Daneen and Tarryn’s love for antiques and vintage design spans over 30 years. Their grandmother, who shared her special hobby of crafting with them as young children, continues to inspire what they do today. She would creatively reinvent seemingly worthless items into unique and decorative art. They grew to foster an undying love for news boy’s caps, borrowing their grandfather’s old hats and thick coats as teens. This began their love affair with anything and everything vintage. It’s this strong passion that urges them to search for the unexpected mix of the old and new in today’s decor.

But believe it or not, the two sisters are separated by a fourteen year age difference. Daneen, the older sister, is an old movie enthusiast, tea drinker and late night kindle reader. Tarryn, former Creative Director of a national fashion magazine, has a more funkier outlook on life, always ready to check out the newest pair of zebra print pumps, and trendy hang-out spots. In the 1980s one was off exploring the wonders of college and the other was romping around in diapers. Decades later they reunited through the unbreakable bond of sisterhood and discovered their love of “the hunt” for rustic treasures and lucky finds. They make themselves at home at antique markets and architectural salvage spots, searching these grounds to reawaken these once forgotten objects.

They are always excited and truly touched by what they find: the beauty and simplicity of utilitarian elements from the past, breathing life and new meaning in today’s modern lifestyle decor.

“What we need is upcycling where old products are given more value not less.”

– Reiner Pilz Salvo In Germany