7 tips we learned on how to incorporate antiques and modern decor like a boss.

Rose Uniacke, Victoria Beckham’s interior designer, has a knack for creating one-of-a-kind interiors with antiques. She shares the same passion for antiques as her mother, renowned antique dealer, Hilary Batstone. Thus, her skill for selecting and artfully mixing antiques with casual modern decor is one worth studying. Indeed, you can’t go wrong following her tips when you are looking to incorporate antiques with modern decor.

Plus, her talent for casually mixing antiques throughout contemporary interiors with ease is admiring. We’re not alone for celebrating her talent, either.  She is a regular on the AD100 best of the best top influencers’ list in the world of design and architecture.

As a result, it’s undoubtedly because of her careful selection and blending of soft furnishings, textiles, and antiques that go hand-in-hand that makes her sought after. People of all walks want to live and spend time with-in her designs. For instance, she’s not only Victoria Beckham’s interior designer, but her list of celebrity names includes the likes of Jo Malone.

Also, in London, she is regularly chosen by the elite for her professional expertise and reputation in antiquities. Moreover, the design circle recognizes her careful eye in mixing antiques and one of a kind vintage accessories with contemporary furnishings resulting in pared-down casual and comfortable spaces.

Besides, we’re utterly obsessed with her fabulous renovation and restoration of her 19th-century London home. It’s a blend of the old and the new, raw, and refined.  We love how she chose particular antiques not only for their beauty but for their everyday functionality.  The function of an antique in a room is equally as important as its beauty.

How to Incorporate Antiques With Modern Decor

It’s no surprise, AD100’s Rose Uniacke is often called on to design one of a kind interiors because she has a knack for finding and mixing old with new designs in furniture and art. That is, she knows how to pick-um. She finds just the right vintage or antique piece to combine with soft textiles, new upholstery, and modern necessities. Once she completes the project, a unique story unfolds each time.

TIP #1

Don’t Overcrowd—Edit. 

Give your antiques and vintage objects room to breathe.

Antiques & Vintage: 7 Tips From An Award Winning Designer

Screenwriter, Peter Morgan’s Bathroom a Rose Uniacke design  | Hilary Batstone Leather chair, Gallery 25  alabaster light,  Rose Uniacke Edition sconces |via AD

Above, notice how she artfully displays each antique piece next to contemporary furnishings. She recommends not overfilling an area with unnecessary furniture. To follow her example, keep your rooms simple, not complicated, or over-cluttered.

Furthermore, she suggests editing and paring down your space to allow each piece, whether old or new, to stand out, “breathe” and tell it’s own story.

Include Only a Few Well-Chosen Pieces in Each Space

TIP #2

Keep it Fresh. 

Blend antiques and vintage furnishings with modern home decor for a one-of-a-kind home.antique side board

Screenwriter, Peter Morgan’s Kitchen with antique sideboard plus Rose Uniacke Edition Pendant Lights and faux bamboo stools flank the island.  |  AD

Below, she followed the same principles while designing her own home, a 14,000-square-foot Victorian English Estate. Although, requiring a lot of TLC, she stayed true to the historical aspects of the building. She kept the design simple but storied by mixing old and new designs in furnishings and art — a practice which she believes in strongly. The result is a liveable and comfortable home.

TIP #3

 Keep it simple.

Don’t over-furnish a room.

Antiques & Vintage: 7 Tips From An Award Winning DesignerA Wilhelm Sasnal Roy Orbison Portrait lives effortlessly with an antique bench in the entry hall of the Unackie home.  |   Rita Konig for NYT

There should be “A feeling of light and space.”

Rose Uniacke

TIP #4

 Embrace Patina.

Vintage furniture, warm textures and muted colors will add character to your space.          

antique bookcase and antique chandelier

A second story study features super comfy sofas, floor to ceiling contemporary photographs, 17th-century Mughal rug, and an octagonal Regency Partners Desk.


TIP #5

 Furnish with purpose.

Aim for functionality and comfort.

rose uniacke sofa with vintage chandelier

Deep Plush Sofas and green velvet pillows blend with antiques and vintage accessories. Although the estate is grand, it feels more like a welcoming home.

rose uniacke kitchen with antique table and chairs

The over-sized contemporary white pendants designed by Rose Uniacke add textural dimension to the room and gravity to the small antique table and chairs at home in her kitchen.  |  photography: François Halard, Vogue

TIP #6

Layer with Soft Textiles.

master bedroom with antique chandelier

The Uniacke master bedroom features 17th-century Northern European Mirrors highlighted by a 19th-century French Chandelier. Layered soft white linens and fabrics keep the room airy and inviting while allowing the antiques to stand-out.

TIP # 7

antiques can be art.

rose uniacke bathroom with antique quilt rack

A clear vintage Lucite blanket rack

Vintage Lucite Blanket Rack | Pop Vintage

rose uniacke bathroom with vintage chair

Even though the home is historic and stately, the minimal mix of antiques blended with soft textiles and furnishings gives her home a modern, but comfortable simplicity.  Most importantly, the practical and comfy furnishings make it a perfect place for Rose, her husband, David Heyman, producer of the famed Harry Potter movies, and their five children to call home.

“I don’t like furnishing just for the sake of it.”

Rose Uniacke

Pop—over here to view Rose Uniacke’s Home Tour.


*source: photo credits (unless otherwise noted):  Rose Uniacke