Chic and unique fashion is something we all want! The question oftentimes arises where to get it and how long will it take to find it?! The answer for all our vintagista’s is here–mobile vintage! It’s what I like to call true fashion on demand. Think if while you were out and about at your favorite concert or fair, one of a kind vintage finds were right there for you to indulge in curbside! This idea is what mobile vintage is all about!  Below, check out our finds for some of the mobile stores across the country that do it best!


Haberdash Vintage and Crompton Collective | photo: Haberdash Vintage


Haberdash Vintage | photo:  Haberdash Vintage


Le Fashion Truck | photo: Le Fashion Truck



converted mobile vintage fashion bus

Wanderlust Mobile Shop | photo: Andrea Jenkins



Wanderlust | photo Wanderlust Mobile Shop


one-of-a-kind-vintage dress, skirt & top.

 Wanderlust | photo:  Wanderlust Moble Shop