A lucite chair or ghost chair will make a small space seem larger.  A clear lucite chair can add visual impact by seemingly opening and expanding a small space. If a room is limited on size, a lucite chair  will not compete visually with other furniture or decor in the room.  Because of its transparency the room will not feel as cramped as it could with a solid base chair.  Of course, the footprint will remain the same, but the illusion will trick the eye so a small space will appear larger.  Additionally, the transparency will allow more important decor to stand out even more.

Afterwards, to double the impact of transparency, mix in a variety of vintage glass or whatever glass you have available (any old jar will work) in close proximity to the lucite chair to continue creating the illusion of expanded space.  Fill the glass with either cuttings from your own garden or grab fresh stems from your local store.  Keep the cuttings longer for tall bottlles and jars. However, we like the impact statement a long branch makes by just using a simple clear glass.  Glass + water + branch.  Easy to do— no fuss and organically authentic.  Done!

Now, scroll down to see a mix of vintage glass with a recycled Lucite chair from CanvasHome.

Canvas Home Store(l) Recycled Crystal Chair (r) Khaled Drinking Glasses, & Syrian Carafes  | Made from recycled hand-blown Syrian glass

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