Today, more and more start ups are working in shared office spaces which not only offer an economical way to run a small business but is also a great way to leave a smaller footprint on the environment. The HUB was developed by creative and socially inspired entrepreneurs with a common goal:  to facilitate innovation through collaboration in a sustainable work space.  Originating in London, there are now 25+ HUBS in various cities spread throughout 5 continents.  Tour any given HUB and find an assortment of amazing and  creative people from diverse backgrounds who come together in a common space to support and  inspire one another to pursue their dreams of developing businesses that will impact a change in the world not only economically but more important in a social, environmental and cultural aspect as well. Each HUB is designed to promote a sense of community and home with all the tools and trimmings needed to provide support to these entrepreneurial spirits.

Check out the Hub Madrid located in an untouched former 1940s garage now upcycled into a modern industrial office space.  Madrid architectural group, ch + qs arquitectos, felt maintaining the original identity of the building  was in keeping with The HUB’s philosophy| inspiring spaces + vibrant community + meaningful events x entrepreneurial ideas = sustainable impact.  We love it of course, because it’s so tumkt!

Co-Create Space | Features industrial furniture and accessories used throughout the space.  Notice the industrial stools and clock. A large table is the perfect place to kick start world changing ideas .

Innovation Lab | A meeting place where all the tools are supplied to tap into a Global Community of HUBS.All hubs are connected around the globe via the internet|Industrial Stools & Factory Floor Lamp.

Hubbetts supplied donated furniture from home for all to share.

The garage  had extra high ceilings. Sky lights installed offers plenty of transparency, positive energy and plenty of light for brainstorming & for the community Orange Tree which supplies fresh oranges for the Hubbetts.

Community Library | Shared Resources. Each member is supplied a box to store reading materials.Comfy chairs, cardboard tables and reclaimed wood table are ideal for working,connecting and learning how to create a sustainable world.

Look Closely. A Fireman’s Pole can be used to slide down from 2nd level to common area.

 images|Hub Madrid &  ch + qs arquitectos