A Past Is Preserved and a Future is Installed 

Located in the South of Sweden stands an old Swedish Vicarage. Built in 1890, the vicarage is typical late 1800s design aesthetic, red brick romantic style. A perfectly beautiful over grown Maple that is depicted in an original signed 1919 watercolor by the vicar’s daughter, Maja Fjeaestads, is still firmly planted but now twice the size, casts a welcomed green tone in the upper portion of the home.  Today, the home is owned by, Isabel Lundahl, founder of the clothing brand, RAHwhich primarily produces women’s clothing sold in more than twenty Swedish brand stores and shipped to several countries. Inspired by her mother, an esteemed and experienced seamstress, she launched the line in 2001 with co-founder, Annelie Petterson. Both she and her partner, Annelie Petterson, received the Soderkoping Female Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The Vicarage was in desparate need of work, but with a lot of work and a little love she has created a beautiful space for her family. Both the fashion brand as well as the restored Vicarage intermix craftmanship and nature by reflecting beauty, stability and simple colors.

We’re currently coveting the home studio that she designed and where she runs the business. (and of course everything else!)

“The house exudes a place like harmonious peace, I wanted to stay here at once.”

From the current issue of  Residence/ styling Marie Olsson Nylander, photo: Sara Svenningrud