Edgy Soho Industrial Warehouse Turned Loft

Hold on to your hearts folks, this one’s a doozy. Located in Soho and formerly a 19th century power station is a 100 foot deep house (that’s 3 stories) purchased in 1996 for 1.75 mil as a warehouse and converted to a 3 bedroom residential home by power horror movie producer, Marcus Nispal (Texas Chain Saw, Friday 13th, and Conan Barbarian) and wife Dyan. Eight months ago, the home went up for rent at $100k per month furnished, or $50k per week, or $20k per night for short stays. The Nispal’s spend most of their time on the West coast renting this secondary home primarily for video-shoots (think, Beyonce’s Halo video shot in the 29-ft high living room and pool). This palatial loft like home is absolutely gorgeous and the industrial fanatics Dream! Hello…..Definitely worth a tour.

The Specs

  • At the time, it was the most expensive asking price for a residential home for rent in Manhattan (next to a couple of combined suites at the Waldorf featuring hotel services asking $150k per month)
  • 13,000 sq ft townhouse
  • Each level serves a different purpose
  • Features a 8ft deep pool x 12 ft wide at entrance of home with window on one side and large portals on the other.  The portals open to a guest room, with spiral staircase to emulate a submarine. Under water views from adjacent rooms throughout home.
  • 925 ft terrace
  • 13ft windows
  • Elevator

100k a month Soho apartment for rent 

(source: L.M.R.E)

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