Free up those kitchen counters.  Are you running out of space on your counters? Or maybe it’s time to go clutter commando (our fave way to roll in the kitchen).  Think smart and check out these storage solutions from Ikea.



Tool bars are a great way to make use of height. Install a tool bar then make use of ceramic pots to grow herbs, store utensils & cutlery. The dish drain no longer has to command counter space.  Place a stationary chopping board there instead and push those veggie scraps  directly into the disposal. (Tip: used lemon peels are perfect for freshening the disposal)

Think smart and get organized.  If your yearning for extra space for all your gadgets, look up.  You may have more room than you think and more gadgets than you really need. First, donate any tools you haven’t used since forever. Then, yank out those inefficient cabinets and Grow Up the wall by taking the cabinets to new heights.  Yes, a step stool may be in order here, but remember, we’re thinking smart.  Only store those items that you rarely pull out at the top and work your way down the wall and store  everyday items towards the bottom.  Even better, look for units with drawers to stash pots and pans, plates, etc. to avoid any unnecessary bending and squatting.

Clean and organized counters and cabinets make it easier to check the “to do list box” of  other things you may rarely have time to accomplish when you’re busy maintaining a cluttered kitchen such as baking that  quick batch of cookies or throwing together one of those 30 minute meals.  (ok, maybe more like 50 minute meals…)

Who doesn’t multi task in a kitchen?  Homework, home office, etc.  Why not pull up to the table in a small couch with extra storage below. Even adding a comfy settee equals more room for extra guests and makes everyday dining with family that more special.

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