Neon hues which have come and gone strutted the spring catwalk  again and will work their way into your closet this upcoming fall 2012 fashion season. but did you know that electric hues will be making their way into our interiors this fall season too?  Well, don’t give the thumbs down on this trend so quickly especially if you’re imagining a throw back to  bright fluorescent hues reminiscent of hot pink hair from the 80’s.  This trend is conservative, sophisticated and subtle.  The best way to embrace  neons at home is to balance the color with a neutral background.  Think creamy linens and pure cotton. Add a pop of color by simply tossing a neon throw on  an ottoman or  wrapping a bouquet of flowers in bright ribbon and wallah!

House and Leisure NeonsHouse and Leisure

We gathered a few easy tips from Decor editor, Jeanne Botes, over at  one of our favorite magazine’s House and Leisure on how to work the phosphorescent trend at home.  Here’s what she suggests:

  1. Always pair neon accents with a neutral background: creams, whites and browns make for the best partnership.
  2. Texturing is key for a sophisticated colour revision. For a balanced composition create an interplay with colour, different surface elements (such as wood, marble and perspex) and textured finishes like rugs, carpets and cushions.
  3. Neon is best used on interchangeable items such as stools, vases, lamps and scatter cushions so that it accents rather than governs a space.

So, just in case, you need a bit more convincing, check out these pics for a bit of inspiration!

(l) photo via K Winter Design|(r)photo via House to Home

(l)photo via House to Home|(r)photo via Mod Home

(l) photo via Home Life|(r) photo via House to Home

(l) photo via|(r) photo via House to Home

photo via House to Home