TUMkt: Tell us your story and the history behind the name Knock-Knocking.com

KnockKnocking: I chose the name of my shop based on the activity my wares produce. The name also made sense in a friendly, welcome into my home sort of way. I thought about what the yarn wreath feels like and the name Knock-Knocking just stuck.

Ombre Blue Jay Yarn Wreath|$55

TUMkt: As a young adult, did you see yourself working creatively or in another career or did you always have a love of design since childhood?

KnockKnocking: I started art classes when I was nine years old, have always been passionate about art and design and knew that it would be my career path. It’s a passion that has only grown with time and with every new things I learn, I always feel like I am just starting to understand  the medium I am exploring.

Agnes Blum’s Yarn Wreath Tutorial as seen in Stampington & Company’s magazine Somerset Home

TUMkt: You are an inspiration to aspiring female entrepreneurs.What inspired you to start the business and how did it feel when your first product sold?

KnockKnocking: Although I had taught art and sold pieces face to face, bringing my business online and selling my first work was exciting for me because it meant I was able to bring my designs to a larger audience. It was also rewarding for me to know that I was able to capture my art in such a manner that it made it appealing even in an online format.

TUMkt: Would you give us an example of what  a typical day is  like on the job and are you having too much fun to call it a job?

KnockKnocking: There is never a dull moment in my little studio and home. I share my time during the day with my children and my business and have worked hard to make sure that the integration is as seamless as possible. I typically take care of the administrative end of my business in the mornings and keep the hands-on work for later in the day or while my little ones are in school. Although there are days where I have to wear a lot of hats or juggle different deadlines, it doesn’t feel like a job because I really love doing it. I’d be creating even if I wasn’t making money doing it so I think in my case the saying holds true that if you find something you love and do it well, the business success will follow.

Blum uses a Midcentury side table and her Wood Toad Stool| as a desk for her little ones|$59

TUMkt: We love the idea of “The Original Handmade Yarn Wreath with Felt.” What was your inspiration for this beautiful product?

KnockKnocking: The idea was born from an art project. We were given several different common household items to re-create, including a key holder, a wreath and a candlestick and I went with the wreath. We were limited to items found in a craft store and we had to stay out of the art aisle. The felt work was my own spin on pottery techniques I had learned in my younger years and I blended them with a textile medium. It was the first yarn and felt wreath of the thousands I would later create.

 Vintage Americana Yarn Wreath|$55

TUMkt:  So, what new projects are you working on that we can look forward to on Knock-knocking.com or KnockKnocking on Etsy?

KnockKnocking: I’m always coming up with ways to combine yarn and felt in unexpected designs and usually have more than a few ideas I’m brainstorming. I love to add wood and paint whenever it makes sense from a design standpoint and think it’s fun to show how bright and cheery natural, organic materials can be. Right now, I’m in the midst of bringing to life different accessories for little girls that are playful, sturdy and totally different. I also have a few new home decor items I will be adding into the mix soon.

Embroidered Monarch Butterfly Clips |$14

The perfect gift for a little girl that comes in a jar! The Wood Spool Bubble Gum Necklace|$55|

Above Photos courtesy of  Agnes Blum via KnockKnocking

TUMkt: You have been featured in BHG, Somerset Home, Simply Handmade and on Houzz.com. What advice would you give your fellow Etsians to help with their success?

KnockKnocking: I would say to start with a product that you really believe in. Bring something unique to the table and be passionate about it. Also it is important to be comfortable owning an idea and your own ability to create it and that it can bring you success. Tell your story, share the story behind every new piece you make and take the time to get to know other business owners. A note written from the heart with thought and intention is more powerful than a thousand PR emails. It’s a journey, and one that I am still learning how to walk, but it is exiting and rewarding.

Mini Yarn Wreath adorns a bedroom door in Agnes Blum’s Home via Houzz

TUMkt: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

KnockKnocking: I see myself up to my eyeballs in art and design. I see myself learning new techniques, creating new art and sharing beauty with as many people as I can touch. I also see myself bringing cupcakes to my daughter’s school and teaching my son how to read and learning how to unite my calling as an artist and a mother together with each new day.


Photo: Agnes Blum via Knock-Knocking

 TUMkt: Agnes, what words of wisdom would you share with aspiring female entrepreneurs?

KnockKnocking: I think the best advice I ever received from another female business owner is worth sharing and that is to be intuitive and to understand what your heart is telling you. If you feel that something you are creating is important and beautiful, chances are that other people will too. Listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

 Lavender Glittered Mushroom|$11.50  and  The Original Felt Yarn Wreath-Paint Chip|$55

TUMkt: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s so important to remember. On a personal note, we know that you love red velvet cupcakes. When The Upcycled Market visits Austin, we head to “Hey Cupcake” on Congress! Where is your favorite cupcake shop?

KnockKnocking: I always like to try Hey Cupcake’s new flavors, but right now I am absolutely loving the John Lemon. It’s got such a bright, fresh flavor that it’s the perfect dessert note as we head into the summer months.

The  John Lemon|$3 via Hey Cupcake

TUMkt: Agnes, we really enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful one of a kind designs. We look forward keeping up with you at your blog,  Knock Knocking.