There is nothing like having a great space to inspire creativity. It doesn’t matter whether you use your work retreat to pen a book, plan a budget, run a business, research recipes, or Pinterest. Large or small, it should be beautiful and work for you. Of course, we found some pretty amazing photos to kick your creative juices into gear for your future Work-Shop. So, if you love cool and creative spaces, these work retreats were designed especially to get those wheels turning and the ball rolling.

Wish Look(l) Stadshem | (r) Ellmania

Wish Look 2(l) Perfect pint size workshop | (r) Petra Bindel via Oliver Yaphe, Inc.

Vintage Scissors and Workspace(l) Petra Bindel| Spotted at  Oliver Yaphe, Inc. | (r) Lotta Jansdotter’s awesome studio via Design Sponge

Clean Workspaces(l) Ellmania (r) Yellow work station|Dutch product designer, Kellie Smits via Buisjes en Beugels

Found at Kool and Kreativ