Can’t wait to hit the beach this summer?  Fortunate for us, the Spring/Summer 2012 trends have wafted on the breeze of the ocean and you can get a glimpse of it here.  Crisp whites, natural textures,  green hues, and darker shades of deep sea blues, indigo and violet are washing ashore.  The trend is hot, so why not jump in and get your feet wet.

above photos:  Steven Gambrel via Apartment Therapy

photo: Sara Sjogren

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1. Ray Lounge Chair by Hay.  The inspiration comes from the sting ray of the sea. Thick in the centre  with a padded softness and slimmer near the wing. | $887 | Buy here: Site on Design

2. Natural White Birch Wood Coaster Set | $26 | Urban Plus Forest 

3. Kina Natural Pendant by David Trubridge.  Named after New Zealand’s local sea-urchin. | $1040 | Horne

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1. Micro Wall Tile.  Comes in Pistachio, Turf and Lichen. | $280 | Element Clay Studio

2. Antique French Demi-John seafoam seaglass bottle wrapped in wicker. | $82 | French Dip 

3. Miguel Angel’s handcrafted pottery Sponge Lamp. | Interior Holic

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1. Chevrons-Palm Springs for spring/summer 2012 | Trend Bible

2. Seychelles Chandelier with sea glass beads| $1,500|Serena and Lilly