Get ready all you crate diggers out there. The excitement is brewing. Today, April 21st is officially National Record Store Day 2012!  A day set aside for true music lovers and audiophiles around the globe. Some would call it  the greatest holiday on earth. Now in it’s fifth year and going strong it is being celebrated in countries such as Australia, Romania, Brazil and Germany. This is the day to shop mom & pop record stores and buy classic shellac and vinyl records which were long left for dead in the 80’s with the advent of cassettes, cds and mp3s but are now seeing a resurgence with sales tripled since 2007 to 4.1 million. True Audiophiles and musicians around the world would say records are  the optimal way to listen to music.  There is absolutely nothing like it. The album covers alone are considered works of art to collectors. “There would be fewer stores, if it wasn’t for the resurgence of vinyl,” said Chris Brown from Bull Moose, a chain of 10 stores in Maine and New Hampshire and who conceptualized the idea of Record Store Day. Last year, indie record stores enjoyed an 8% bump in sales. FYI, artists like Coldplay and Katy Perry have joined the Vinyl club. “It’s like finding a treasure,” said Joe Levy from Billboard Magazine.

So, join the party and get out and support your local indie store today and the rest of the year.

Check out Record Store Day to get the RSD Guide which uses GPS to search out registered stores and events closest to you.

woman & phonograph via 1920s |

Billie Holiday | Michael Jackson(l) Lady Day, Billy Holiday|photo via (r) Michael Jackson, Thriller|photo via

Frank Sinatra|photo via

Abbey Road, Beatles|photo taken August 8, 1969.  Only original UK Beatles album cover without band name or album title. (photo:  Iain Macmillan via

 The Civil Wars, Billy Jean Album.

The 7 inch vinyl to be released April 21st,  Record Day 2012 in record stores! photo:


photo via

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