Catching our attention this week is the truly talented paper artist, Valerie Buess. Her most unusual and stunning work has been showcased throughout Europe and the United States. Born in the beautiful city of Lucerne Switzerland, Buess, is now based in Marburg Germany. Paper is her main material and inspiration for artwork. For over twenty years, she has been  manipulating paper by rolling, pasting, sewing and  folding it into sculptures utilizing everything from recycled books to old magazines and telephone directories. The deep sea is her inspiration for designing beautiful sculptures. Here are some of  our faves.

Valerie Buess- Paper Artist

Valerie Buess: Dress Form | Sea Creature(l) “Skin” (r) “Sea Creature”

Valerie Buess | book“Boycotting the Original Content”


Valerie Buess | Sea Creature“Amazonhelm”

Sea Flower“Sea Flower”

Sea Flower“Sea Flower”

Valerie Buess Sea Creature


all photos courtesy of  Valerie Buess