Alketas Pazis is a Master Collector in every sense of the word.  He literally eats, sleeps and lives with his treasures.  His lifestyle is his passion and his passion is his love of locating, rescuing and reclaiming mid-century modern and industrial antiques. He has an unending eye for uncovering and discerning objets trouve’s (favoring those circa 1900s-1950s) and promptly putting them to work as functional objects of art in his home.  In fact he is considered a renown expert in antiques, focusing primarily on a more exclusive European segment of the avant-garde modern movement. His vast collection is the most extensive in Greece and has been utilized in over 950 filming projects.  Yatzer recently visited with Pazis to tour his beautiful home/warehouse and was promised no “cookie cutter Avant-Garde handbook replicas”, only one-of-a-kind pieces (ahhh, how refreshing!).  Kudos to Yatzer for allowing us a peek into our inspiring “Wish Look”.  Those of us who are so inclined can visit the trading house otherwise named “The Temporary Showroom” located adjacent to his home (by appointment only).

The first known use of the ampersand was in 1835. | photos: Vassilis Skopelitis

above and below photos | Vangelis Paterakis

Globes showcased throughout his home and studio suggest a love for travel and eclecticism.

(l) A found amber bottle complements the leather club chairs. | photo: Vangelis Paterakis (r) Entering the room, collection of wall clocks are reflected in vintage mirrors. | photo: Vassilis Skopelitis

His treasured pieces are formerly from such places as hospitals, gymnasiums, factories, etc… Placement and arrangement of each piece is carefully considered. | photo: Costas Voyatzis

A colorful collection of books & wooden shoes. | photo: Vangelis Paterakis

  While visiting, don’t be surprised if coffee is served in white post-war tin cups along with treats served in an upcycled former U-shaped hospital urinal. | photo: Vangelis Paterakis

(r) Welcome to the Temporary Showroom! Wishful thinking…waking up and walking into an office like this. | photos:(l) Vangelis Paterakis (r)Vassilis Skopelitis

“Versions of My World” How fitting is that? | photo: Vangelis Paterakis

Mesh wired lockers hold aged-block letters that once again play to the amber & grey color scheme throughout the space.  photo: Vassilis Skopelitis

A well traveled suitcase sits on a one-of-a-kind industrial cabinet (is there such a thing as “cabinet envy”?).  A worn chest filled with an extensive selection of Apothecary.  A bright white wall clock contrasts nicely against the warm backdrop. photo: Vassilis Skopelitis