Why do we cling to the past when it comes to Fashion and Interior Design?  The two are forever intertwined and intermixed. Both have been influenced and defined by the same past and current trends.  Perhaps we cling to the past because it makes us feel warm and cozy inside or it allows us to participate in an era that we admire.  Our future trends will always be shaped by our history in both fashion and decor.

For instance, how many times have we seen today’s catwalk replay scenes from the past but just with a  slightly different spin? Retro 50’s (think fashion icons such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe); retro 60’s (think Jacqueline Kennedy); retro 70’s (think Jane Fonda).

(left) Fashion Flashback. Photo via Fab Sugar            (right) Fashion Forward. Photo via Hippie Girl

Photo via Cheap & Chic                              Photo via Daily Diva Dish

The same is true in the world of interior design.  There is a certain fashion element in interior design.  Fashion trends come and go.  Certain elements classically remain and have already existed in another beloved era for varied purposes.  The intermix of modern decor with found objects works beautifully.  Simple industrial and utilitarian materials, which are historically considered strictly for commercial purposes, are beautiful in their own right and now are being re-purposed and utilized  in unexpected ways. These works of art have become the new fashion trend in the world of interior design.

What’s old is new again and we @The UpCycled Market embrace this art and just can’t seem to get enough of it!  We love to scour for beautiful and inspiring interiors for artful placement of these treasures.

Our eyes are automatically drawn to vintage crates placed on top of the sleek black cabinets in this modern kitchen.  They add instant warmth and character.  A collection of vintage mercury bottles are stored out of the way on a ledge beneath vintage art work. (Photo: Pia Ulin, found at Emmas Blog)

We love Interior Designer, Marie Olsson Nylander’s inspirational use of children’s art work and photos upcycled into a beautiful chandelier in her waterfront apartment.  A utility cart that received many bumps and bruises throughout it’s first life is now given new life as a table.  Aged & distressed lockers offer a secret hideaway for warm blankets, pillows, books or even extra storage for clothes.  After all, only you would know what’s tucked inside. (Recycled from Nordic Bliss)

Nothing says warm like rustic white done beautifully.  Factory lights with greiged trimming blend perfectly with the Demeyer teapot.  Rustic bread boards are just waiting to be put to work.  Dinner is served! Adults, please be seated at the large distressed snow white dining table.  Children, of course, can eat and enjoy privacy at the island on midcentury modern dining chairs.  Enjoy! (Photo: Plain English Design)

Archive shelves from a hospital that are now re-purposed to archive books stand on top of old zipper boxes from  an abandoned French machine factory.  Perfectly rusticated crates are in complete juxtaposition to the colorful mod mags inside. (Source: Residence Magazine)